He told her his dreams
And she promised to take care of his heart
One that would add to
Millions already in the cart.

He kept his share of promise
That she would always be the one
It made him more vulnerable
To all she had ever done.

Promises can be broken
As fast as they are made
She broke her promise
But on his, he stayed.

She threw the ring
On his face and she left
The rings stayed together
In the chest, bereft.

Not broken, but shredded
The promise and his heart
She had gone for ever
Now he was falling apart.

The sleepless nights
All for his wide sake
He was left alone with
His illusion, his mistake.

“Till death do us part”
Alone, he had said,
“Till death do us part”
A part of him was dead.


7 thoughts on “Broken!

  1. Sometimes you have to leave with out your wish,
    Not because you don’t have the courage,
    But because you cannot turn the perfect part of your life into a painful one.
    Even if you know, your path will be painful, but you cannot drag the one you love into darkness for your convenience.
    Sometimes which looks as a heartbreak at one end is killing not for the one at the receiving end alone because both are at the receiving end.

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