Parchedness & Rain.

Dry, empty, I have started to perish
Abandoned now
But once, I was also cherished.

No people, no harvest, no love I witness
Many lives were taken
And many are in sickness.
I am left lifeless since she has gone,
Let alone the field,
No verve of a lawn.

Waiting for her, taking my last breath
Don’t know if she’d come
Hoping she’ll be there in death.
Just one last thing, before I go
Meet me in the next life
And then, let me grow.
If not for me, for those who need
If you don’t love me
Come back for those who bleed.

Just when I thought I was about to die
Thank God! You came
And I took a relieved sigh
I could live again and thrive in my reign
When you touched me at last
Considerate was the pain.

The first drop healed me
But I was craving for more
The appetite increases
When everything inside you is torn.

Then followed others
I was happy at last
You kissed me wildly then
And I couldn’t let you depart.


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