Sleeping so peacefully
Until the alarm clock hits my head
Lots of things to do
No laying still in bed.

Excited to get to see you
My heart took a leap
I get dressed readily
Ugh! But my hair looks like a heap.

Walking up to you
I saw you waiting at the door
You smiled that smile
Oh so easily you could sweep me off the floor.

I cannot really remember
Which movie we went to see
The drive and those kisses
And only you mattered to me.

Drove for an hour
We reached a secluded place
So long we talked
But longer was that embrace.

You told me you loved me
When the car started to make that noise
You said you won’t be long
And I had no choice.

The noise still continued
And I woke up to my alarm
All of it was a dream
All your love and your charm.

I’ve been trying very hard
Still I dreamt of you
Another dream, another night
Was wasted on you.


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