Love and Regrets.

When I saw you the first time
You looked at me, radiantly smiled
I tripped over myself
My heart was so beguiled.

The way you looked
The way you walked
Came and said “hello”
And I kept staring at the way you talked.

Helped me with my work
Taught me to dream
To set those thoughts free
That in my head, only screamed.

No! I didn’t fall for you
Just addicted to your speech
You told me to dream
For something beyond my reach.

No! I didn’t fall for you
Just craved for your time
You told me to be patient 
I just wanted all your attention being mine.

No! I didn’t fall for you
Just couldn’t resist
No more waiting I could do
Neither the racing pulses in my wrist.

No! I didn’t fall for you
You just gave me butterflies
Wish I could just tell you that
With no cheats and no lies.

Told myself that I didn’t
I didn’t fall for you
Tried to hide but maybe it showed
In the things that I did for you.

One fine morning you came to my home
Told me that you loved me
And I said I don’t.
Maybe you saw it
Saw it in my eyes
And I think you got to know
About all of my lies.

I could not climb that high
Of your expectations’ wall
Wish the grass was shorter
I could have crawled.

I wish you hadn’t left
I thought you knew me well so far
I wish you knew what I wished for
I’ll stop now looking for a wishing star.

I wish you could just settle
I wish you knew me a little better
I wish you knew better than what you heard
I wish you could sense the meaning behind the word.

Where did all that patience go?
You just had to stay
Broken my armour of darkness
And left me in the day.

I wanted to tell you to wait
I could have begged
But I didn’t.
So many things were there
I wish you knew
But so thick was the wall
I couldn’t break through.

I wanted to tell you what I felt
And what then, we could be
If I had told you what I think you should know,
Would you have believed in me?


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