Slice of Happiness ❣️

I wore the apron and
Got ready for the bowl of life
I’d take and break
The eggs of strife.

I poured some flour with love
Some hard work and wine
An exquisite batter was prepared
Although, it took me some time.

Then I put it to be baked
After concocting the effort
Excitingly, waited
To see my lovely brown dessert.

The moment for my reward came
The timer did its part
The fifty minutes of eternity
Finally over, at last.

I put my hands inside the oven
For one more time
A little cautious of the dangers
Hoping for no mistakes, no slime.

A handsome face sat there gazing into my eyes
He rushed to the table to eat it all
With those big bright eyes
And that nose so small.

I took out the knife
On his plate, put the biggest slice
And the wag of his tail
Told me that it was pretty nice.

The happiness in his face
Forced me to make it once again
My fingers were charred
But for that bliss, nothing was the pain.


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