The One.

I am the kind of person who’ll be there with youeven after a fight that ended catastrophically,

because you say you need me

And I’ll hold onto you

I’ll hold onto to your words that you uttered when you promised me that you will always be that wall,

Standing tall,

Promised me to hold me when I fall,

I’ll hold onto it because you told me once that sometimes you unconsciously drift apart because of reasons that you yourself fail to understand 

But this isn’t drifting apart

This is falling apart

Our love,

Our friendship is falling apart

The bridge that connects us is falling apart

All the love that I try to send goes down that broken bridge, 

Down that dark empty pit,

And is never found

Because you think you have found the one

Let me tell you, 

You haven’t 

It is just another one of those thousand guys,

But you think he is the one,

Because you hadn’t had anyone for a while

And the first guy that comes along,

Gives you relief,

Like he is the rain in the desert of your thoughts.

But he is not.

I can see it.

I tried to protect you.

I have kept you with so much delicacy,

But you want to go down that lane where you can feel his kiss against your lips

But at the end of it,

He is going to break your heart.

But you still want to live it.

And now,

I’d let you.

I cannot be your shield when you want to take the bullet deliberately 

And it is of no use

I am exhausted now

I am tired

I’d let you do whatever you want

I’ll just sit here, take long breaths,

And then I’ll try to remember where I went wrong

And when could have been the right time 

When could I have stopped you

Maybe a little early

Or a lot

But I’d be too tired to even think of it 

I’d just lay down

And wait for my zeal to come back

So that I can get up and run

Fast and wild

Till my lungs hurt

Towards something,

Some place which may give me solace

Some dark cottage,

Or a bright, airy surrounding with waters that run deep

I’d swim and go on to the other side

Water dripping out of my hair

Clothes wet, feet bare

Would that be what devastation feels like

Oh no! 

I’d be clean

It’d be just some dives into deep and hike

And by the time you’d try to tell me that you miss me,

I’ll be long gone

You may try to scream

But I won’t hear you

Some water would have gone in my ears

And now I’d just hear stillness,


I’d like it.

And you,

You’d lose me,

You’d be alone,

Because then,

Everyone would know that

He is not the one.