In ways of procrastination, that I always do,

In my mind, a place begins to brew,

A place, guilt-free, where I can relax,

And where the security is always lax.

But my body burns with silent resentment,

Against all odds, I accept this contentment,

Hoping that I’ll find a way to conform to,

The question left unanswered of what to do.

But structure and more, I repeat and revise,

I’m conditioning my brain to work like a device.

A machine or not, I choose to strive,

The only thing matters it to stay alive.


Slice of Happiness ❣️

I wore the apron and
Got ready for the bowl of life
I’d take and break
The eggs of strife.

I poured some flour with love
Some hard work and wine
An exquisite batter was prepared
Although, it took me some time.

Then I put it to be baked
After concocting the effort
Excitingly, waited
To see my lovely brown dessert.

The moment for my reward came
The timer did its part
The fifty minutes of eternity
Finally over, at last.

I put my hands inside the oven
For one more time
A little cautious of the dangers
Hoping for no mistakes, no slime.

A handsome face sat there gazing into my eyes
He rushed to the table to eat it all
With those big bright eyes
And that nose so small.

I took out the knife
On his plate, put the biggest slice
And the wag of his tail
Told me that it was pretty nice.

The happiness in his face
Forced me to make it once again
My fingers were charred
But for that bliss, nothing was the pain.

Love and Regrets.

When I saw you the first time
You looked at me, radiantly smiled
I tripped over myself
My heart was so beguiled.

The way you looked
The way you walked
Came and said “hello”
And I kept staring at the way you talked.

Helped me with my work
Taught me to dream
To set those thoughts free
That in my head, only screamed.

No! I didn’t fall for you
Just addicted to your speech
You told me to dream
For something beyond my reach.

No! I didn’t fall for you
Just craved for your time
You told me to be patient 
I just wanted all your attention being mine.

No! I didn’t fall for you
Just couldn’t resist
No more waiting I could do
Neither the racing pulses in my wrist.

No! I didn’t fall for you
You just gave me butterflies
Wish I could just tell you that
With no cheats and no lies.

Told myself that I didn’t
I didn’t fall for you
Tried to hide but maybe it showed
In the things that I did for you.

One fine morning you came to my home
Told me that you loved me
And I said I don’t.
Maybe you saw it
Saw it in my eyes
And I think you got to know
About all of my lies.

I could not climb that high
Of your expectations’ wall
Wish the grass was shorter
I could have crawled.

I wish you hadn’t left
I thought you knew me well so far
I wish you knew what I wished for
I’ll stop now looking for a wishing star.

I wish you could just settle
I wish you knew me a little better
I wish you knew better than what you heard
I wish you could sense the meaning behind the word.

Where did all that patience go?
You just had to stay
Broken my armour of darkness
And left me in the day.

I wanted to tell you to wait
I could have begged
But I didn’t.
So many things were there
I wish you knew
But so thick was the wall
I couldn’t break through.

I wanted to tell you what I felt
And what then, we could be
If I had told you what I think you should know,
Would you have believed in me?

कौन था ज़िम्मेदार?

आ गई हमारे बीच थी दीवार,
किसे कोसते,
जब हम ही थे ज़िम्मेदार?

निकले थे हम तारों को छूने,
पर कही गूम हो गए,
कही छूट गया साथ,
अंधेरे में ही खो गए,
टटोलते हुए हाथ। 
भला आगे कैसे जाते,
जब खड़ी हो गई थी वो दीवार,
किसे दोष देते,
जब स्वाभिमान था ज़िम्मेदार?

चाहा तो हमने भी था,
सोचा तो हमने भी था,
जाएँगे वहाँ जहाँ कोई ना गया,
करेंगे कुछ ऐसा जो किसी ने ना किया।
भटक गए हम अपनी राह,
क्यूँकि बन गयी थी वहाँ दीवार,
पर किसकी आलोचना करते,
जब अहंकार था ज़िम्मेदार?

कितनी सुगम होती ये ज़िंदगी,
अगर ना होता हमारे अंदर कोई दोष,
ना होती कोई सीमा ना होती कोई दीवार,
पर हमें हक़ नही शिकायत करने की,
जब हम ही है ज़िम्मेदार।

Pollution & Love.

They say love is there
They say love is in the air.
But they also say that air is polluted
Damaged beyond repair, people only frown
They say in no time, the world is going down.

I say that the air is polluted,
And there is no hope for people
Nothing could survive
Lovers will turn into lunatics
While the anger will revive.

But I know one thing
One thing for sure
We will find love
With oxygen masks and cure.
Even when love will lose its USP
And have changes in its gene
We will be two of the greatest hopeless romantics this world has ever seen.

Is that really Real?

Surreal, oh surreal
I wonder if you have any fins?
You never meet me
Have I done any sins?
And you, you sickening Real
Always around and hopping on my back
You never cease to make me unhappy
Is there any bullshit that you lack?

One never comes
And other never goes
Oh wait! Do you guys meet
Behind my back, on your tiptoes?

Oh my God, now I get it
Disguised, were you
But always there no?
Surreal or Sir Real,
You cannot fool me anymore.

Now both of you, or one that is
Come on now, pack your beans
Take your asses out the door
I am really tired of your scenes.


Sleeping so peacefully
Until the alarm clock hits my head
Lots of things to do
No laying still in bed.

Excited to get to see you
My heart took a leap
I get dressed readily
Ugh! But my hair looks like a heap.

Walking up to you
I saw you waiting at the door
You smiled that smile
Oh so easily you could sweep me off the floor.

I cannot really remember
Which movie we went to see
The drive and those kisses
And only you mattered to me.

Drove for an hour
We reached a secluded place
So long we talked
But longer was that embrace.

You told me you loved me
When the car started to make that noise
You said you won’t be long
And I had no choice.

The noise still continued
And I woke up to my alarm
All of it was a dream
All your love and your charm.

I’ve been trying very hard
Still I dreamt of you
Another dream, another night
Was wasted on you.

Parchedness & Rain.

Dry, empty, I have started to perish
Abandoned now
But once, I was also cherished.

No people, no harvest, no love I witness
Many lives were taken
And many are in sickness.
I am left lifeless since she has gone,
Let alone the field,
No verve of a lawn.

Waiting for her, taking my last breath
Don’t know if she’d come
Hoping she’ll be there in death.
Just one last thing, before I go
Meet me in the next life
And then, let me grow.
If not for me, for those who need
If you don’t love me
Come back for those who bleed.

Just when I thought I was about to die
Thank God! You came
And I took a relieved sigh
I could live again and thrive in my reign
When you touched me at last
Considerate was the pain.

The first drop healed me
But I was craving for more
The appetite increases
When everything inside you is torn.

Then followed others
I was happy at last
You kissed me wildly then
And I couldn’t let you depart.

Dear Dreamer,

You always dreamt about a better life,
On earth unleashing the paradise,
Always drowning in a thought so deep,
That they do not even let you sleep.

They are your dreams,
They tell you to be free,
To be bigger and better,
There’s more to it than you can see.

In achieving them,
You’ll have to go very far,
You may have to be ruthless,
And you may get a scar.

How deep can you go to get there,
Can you swim across the sea?
How high can you fly in the air,
And how fair can you be?

Even if the path is crooked,
You should take it,
Even if it’s a shot in the dark,
Have confidence that you’ll make it.

To get there you’ll have to work hard,
And it’s okay to be scared,
Doesn’t matter if you’ll be off your guard,
Or if it is thousand miles from comfort,
And the journey is rough,
If your dreams don’t scare you,
They are not big enough!


He told her his dreams
And she promised to take care of his heart
One that would add to
Millions already in the cart.

He kept his share of promise
That she would always be the one
It made him more vulnerable
To all she had ever done.

Promises can be broken
As fast as they are made
She broke her promise
But on his, he stayed.

She threw the ring
On his face and she left
The rings stayed together
In the chest, bereft.

Not broken, but shredded
The promise and his heart
She had gone for ever
Now he was falling apart.

The sleepless nights
All for his wide sake
He was left alone with
His illusion, his mistake.

“Till death do us part”
Alone, he had said,
“Till death do us part”
A part of him was dead.