Magic ✨

Magic; I seek a potion that’d shine

Quench my thirst; earth-shattering desires of mine

Something glossy or an old bark of tree

The elder wand that would set demons free

Wand will bend its will to my command

Be held close to my heart, satisfying my demands

Take everything out that’s buried down

All be mine, fruitful found

Make housewives all the house forsake

Leave chores to men, to brew and bake

Spells will say whatever need be said

Even time will stand upon its head

No black, white, race but insides red

Inconsiderates’ wit must be dead

Frost, Jonson, I’ll be there in time

Feeling emotions at every rhyme

Different lives, different cities, different names

Different likes, different people, but my games

My phone’s battery would never be low

The feelings high, the music slow

Every corner’s cuisine bless my taste

Ceasing the hour, no running, no haste

Political parties must all be demolished 

Royalties, democrats, get no more polish

Not very sure if I’d make things right

But Trump surely would be gone out of sight

Out of sight, put in a Mexico flight

Elder wand utilized to all its might

Then I will wake up from my dream

Ecstatic after that consciousness stream

Only to discover it was all in my head

Smiling to myself, dropping back into bed.



Once there was this drizzle,
Slow but continuous,
Settling upon the trees,
Waking them up, making a fuss.

The fields were the length of eternities,
Woods maze-like, so dense
Over all the echoes of the gaze
I felt the sensation of your recurring sense.

Roamed the path, silent and still
I seek your gaze, your touch
How distant you were, yet how close I was
Still doted on you as much.

I see you in the forest,
In a doorway, on a train platform
And by the time I can steal a second glance
Out of reverie, I find you are gone.

You left; without ever really knowing me,
Now you’ll never get to know me well,
But you’ll remember my big, dark eyes,
Still not knowing what they tell.

You’ll remember my reproachful silence,
Still not knowing what they said,
You’ll remember the moans of anxiety I took,
When you were by my side in the bed.

You’ll remember the nightmares you couldn’t save me from
You’ll remember all of this even when you’re gone
You’ll remember everything just fine
The name you’ll remember would always be mine.

And you know, sometimes, I’ll see you
Over the fence in my lawn
With sun gaping over you
In a blink, you would be gone.

Sometimes, I’ll see you in light, also in darkness
At others, I won’t; it’s vain
But I’d think of you; every time
Every single time, it will rain.